Sun on us is dark repetitive pop music with an epileptic approach, drawing upon seventies kraut- and progrock and eighties sci-fi movie soundtracks.

Using “motorik” in a similar fashion as the more electronic krautrock acts, but mostly in a very slow tempo, they conjure up a mythical opium heavy feeling, with layers of synths and organs.

Rune got his start in music as a heavy metal drummer, while Rasmus started as a vocalist in hardcore punk.

They joined up for the first time in indie band “Made of Buildings”. In 2007 the band released “The world has been stolen by cynics” to positive reviews and underground acclaim. Touring with bands such as Kissaway Trail, Diefenbach and Early Day Miners.

After working 5 years on the recording of the follow-up album, their would-be kraut/prog inspired masterpiece ended up shelved after driving the producer mad. The band members different artistic ambitions finally led to the band falling apart.

Rasmus and Rune moved on. Changing their approach and instrumentation.

In 2012 they formed Sun on us.